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HCI Solutions Ltd is a family run business and is based in Tipps End,Cambs. We have over 20 years experience of fixing and upgrading computers and provide a computer repair / upgrade, software and network installation service to Tipps End and surrounding Fendland areas, such as Welney, Upwell, Outwell, Littleport, Downham Market & March. We are happy to collect your PC and return it for FREE up to a maximum of a 10 mile round trip or for a nominal fee of 35ppm for excess mileage. If the type of repair/upgrade required permits it, we can carry out the work at your home.

HCI Solutions do not sell computers or components, we only fix or upgrade, so have peace of mind, we will not be urging you to buy the biggest and best on the market! Dependant on your system, mainly the motherboard, we will fix / upgrade your system for a lot less than a new PC. If we feel you need to buy a completely new computer to meet your requirements, due to the cost of the upgrades, we will tell you exactly that ! We also have a strict policy of supplying our customers with security codes and passwords for new software or hardware we install so you are free to take your pc elsewhere in the future, we rely on our good service and fair charges to bring our customers back, not necessity.

We understand, like many, that not everybody is computer literate, but with one major difference, we donít exploit it !

All too often we come across people who have been Ďadvisedí or Ďdupedí into buying a new computer, when a simple upgrade or repair for a fraction of the price would have sufficed. If you donít need it, we will not suggest it.

With exception, the only thing we will suggest is the minimum amount of memory you have installed dependant on the versions of Microsoft Windows you are running. To expect Windows XP to run efficiently, we recommend at least 512mb of memory, and for Windows Vista and 7 a minimum of 1 gigabyte of memory. Unfortunately the bigger, the better and more visually appealing Microsoft Windows gets, the more memory it needs to run.

The progression of technology, and not just the retailer, is also a factor that pushes the minimum specification of components upwards. E.G. the lowest widely available hard drive nowadays is about 80 gigabytes, 1 gigabyte was deemed large 10 years ago! Also as processor technology improves, the older, lower specification hardware becomes obsolete and expensive to replace (if available at all) making upgrades with better and larger hardware more cost effective.

But most importantly we NEVER replace or carry out work on your PC without your say so, we like to know our customers know, at all stages, exactly what they are spending, as we pride ourselves on never supprising our customers with unauthorised charges.