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"My PC runs so slow, I think its time I bought a new one"
"I need to buy a new PC to play the latest games, mine's too old !"
"When browsing the Internet, web pages take a long time to display"
I don't have enough memory or hard disk space, I need to buy a PC with a larger capacity"

Ever found yourself saying any of the above and thinking of buying a new PC ?

Please, think again ...

Most Problems can be resolved with additional memory or hard drives. Are you aware you could actually add another hard drive from as little as 40* and an extra 1gb of memory from as little as 20* ? Just how much were you going to spend on that new PC ?

Glad you dropped by now ? ..

Welcome to HCI Solutions PC Repair & upgrade section.

Below are some of the more common services HCI Solutions can offer you. For a more complex issue, repair or upgrade, please feel free to contact us by either our telephone number or e-mail addresses provided on the 'Contact' page.


1 Hr diagnostic tests for faults / virus / spy ware or your own requested service. This service is carried out on all PC's brought to us with faults or issues. Our aim is to call you as soon as the diagnostic tests have been performed, to inform you of the outcome and the possible resolutions, in a clear understandable language. No further action or time will be added until you tell us what you wish to do.

Price : 35
New hardware installation / upgrades

We can supply and fit new hardware to the majority of home PC's for a fraction of the cost of a new computer. Most computer cases will accommodate at least 1 extra hard drive, 1,2 or maybe 3 more additional memory sticks. Graphics cards can be updated. Extra USB ports added. Maybe you require another CD/DVD drive. You may even be able to upgrade the processor !

Price : Dependant on parts
Service your PC

Ask yourself.. would you purchase a brand new car and then never service it or ensure its running to its optimum efficiency ?

Surely the same applies to your PC. Regular use of your PC, program installations and Internet activity will eventually impact your PC's efficiency and browsing of the Internet. Our service comprises of a mini-diagnostic check and resolution, file clean, re-organisation and system optimisation. We don't stop with just cleaning the file system. We also carry out a full physical clean of the outside and inside of your PC case including fans, heat0 sinks and components. Dust is a major contributor to faults, blocking vital airways causing over-heating and component failure.

Price : 42
Home Networking

Do you have more than one computer or laptop at home which you would like to connect together ?
Are you aware you can share your printer with all your computers in the home ? Networking is not confined to businesses and large corporations. One of the major advantages to home networking has to be the fact that every computer within the home network can access the Internet.. at the same time .. No more sharing the computer connected to the telephone line ! A home network requires a device called a Router. This device manages all your connections in the home and out into the Internet. A major plus to having a Router is it's built in Fire walls of which are considered to be much better than you2r software based versions running on your PC. HCI Solutions can set-up your very own home network and within hours be sharing computers, printers and the Internet.

Price : Dependant on equipment required and installation time - Please call for more details.
Software Installations

The thought of installing software daunting ? Don't know which product to choose from ? Speak to HCI Solutions who will give you friendly advice towards choosing a product that's right for you and your needs. We will even come out to you and install it should you wish.

Labour Charges

After an initial diagnostic test (see above), it is our strict policy to then contact the customer and inform you of the result and advise of any parts (if required) and an estimated fix time. All subsequent time is charged at 17.50 per half hour. No charging for full hours at HCI Solutions.